Applying Your Lashes


Step by Step Guide to Applying Lashes

  • 1. Curl your natural Lashes and apply mascara. This helps to create a shelf for you falsies to sit on and support their weight.
  • 2. Cut Lashes to fit your eyelid. Bend strip into C shape for a few seconds to help curve them into a natural eyelid shape then measure against your eyelid. Make sure to cut the outer part of the lash that will lay on the outer part of your eye. 

Pro-Tip: You can also divide them into smaller pieces (thinning them out) to create a more natural look

  • 3. Trace a very fine line of adhesive on to lash strip. Remember to do one strip at a time. Wait 30 seconds to one minute for the adhesive to dry and become a bit tacky. We recommend using Duo Glue for best adhesion. **Never apply adhesive to your eyelids.
  • 4. Stick them on! Start by placing the lash from the outer corner first. Keeping them as close as possible to the lash line. For better placement and safety use your fingers to apply lashes. You can also use tweezers if you are more comfortable. 

Pro-Tip: You can create a cat eye effect by placing the outer part of the false lash slightly about your natural lash line.

  • 5. Finishing Touch! To help blend everything together, take a soft eyeliner brush and a black matte shadow, press a thin line of the shadow onto lashes where they meet your eyes. Do a couple of winks and eyelash flutters and Voila your Glamorous!