Nails Treatments



Polish Change: Treatment includes reshaping of Nails and polished to perfection.  

                 Fingers $12                      Toes $15 

Simple Treatments:  Whether you get your nails done on a regular basis or occasionally, these services are designed to breathe life back into your fingers and toes. Each treatment is customized to your needs. Treatment basics include: Nail soak, nail trim & shaping, detailed cuticle work, Buff, and Polish. (Callus Softener & exfoliation scrub included for pedicure) 

                  Simple Manicure $25                   Simple Pedicure $38

Tiny Glam Treatments: (Kids 12 & under) Sometimes your mini-me wants to have pretty fingers and toes too! These treatments are specifically designed for them. Treatments includes kid friendly Manicure and/or Pedicure and include Nail Art! (4 fingers & 2 toes)

                  Tiny Glam Mani: $15                     Tiny Glam Pedi: $20

Soak-Off Gel Treatments: Services includes Dry Manicure and/or Simple Pedicure (removal not included when work is done by other nail technician)

                   Gel Manicure $40                           Gel Pedicure $56 

APRES GEL X Nail Extensions


Après is The NEW Revolution in Nail Extension Technology! This system gives you Instant length enhancements that include the perfect shape and last 3-4 weeks without causing damage to the natural nail! Gel X requires minimal filing and is very gentle on natural nail bed. This system is great for recovery from Acrylic nails and for growing out healthy natural nails. Treatment includes Dry manicure, choice of shape, and Gel polish.

Full Set                                                                                    $55 

Gel X Removal with Fresh Set                                                $65 



Gel Color Change only                                                           $20 

Hot Gloves Hydrating Treatment for Hands                         $8

Exfoliation Treatment Hands                                                  $5 

Product Removal only:         (can take up to 60 min)        $20-$40

Product Removal with Service                                              $10

Nail Repair:                                                                             $5 ea 

Nail Reconstruction:                                                             $10 ea 

Nail Art

Decals/Stickers/Dried Flowers              ( 2 nails, 15 min service) $15

Fairy Dust, Foils, Glitter                       ( 10 fingers, 15 min service) $10

French Nails                                       ( 10 Fingers or Toes, 15 min service) $12

Jeweled Nail Art                            ( 2 full nails or 4 half nails, 20 min service) $20

Simple Nail Art                           ( dots, strips, etc., 10 fingers, 15 min service) $10

Trendy Nail Art                                  (Pinterest nails, 30 min service) $30-$50