Caring For Your Lashes

Removing Lashes with Care


Your false lashes should be removed before you began your makeup removal routine.

To remove lashes with care you will need:

  • Q-tips or Cotton Swab
  • A good quality makeup remover or your favorite oil (ex: coconut or sweet almond oil)

How to Remove Lashes:

 Run your Q-tip or Cotton swab along your lash line. Then grab the outer corner of the strip and slowly peel away from your lashes. If you feel any pinching or resistance apply more oil or remover and wait a few seconds before trying again. 

False Lash Hygiene


We recommend that you clean your lash strips after every use. This will help prolong the life of your lashes making them reusable up to 25 times. It is also recommended that you keep lashes clean to prevent Bacteria growth that could result in eye redness and irritation.

These step will help ensure your lashes are ready to be used over and over again!


Step 1: Peel off remaining glue residue. Look closely, you will see the remaining adhesive stuck on the base of your strip and that residue you'll want to get all off.

Step 2: Create a Cleaning Solution. Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a small amount of soap or liquid makeup remover

Step 3: Cleanse the Lashes. Submerge lashes into the cleaning solution and gently rub them with fingers making sure to help dissolve and remover mascara and/or other makeup off lashes.

Step 4: Make sure to check lashes for any remaining residue, once all residue is gone set then in a clean place to dry. Once completely dry store back into lash box.


Pro-tip: If in a hurry, pat dry well and place back into the box to finish drying.

Keep your eyes Safe & Bacteria Free!


You don't want lashes caked in makeup! Remember if you neglect to clean your lashes, you run the risk of eye infections as well as a hard time reapplying them. By keeping them nice and clean and stored in the lash box you can reuse them up to 25 times.


With our Glamour Studio Cosmetics Guides on application, removal, and cleansing of your lashes, you can be confident that using our false lashes won't be so intimidating.

Enjoy trying out all of our Lash styles to achieve your Signature Look!